Tavares on a Thursday Afternoon {St. Pattys Day}

I have decided to dedicate my Thursday posts to my current hometown…Tavares, FL. Sometimes we get so caught up in life and wanting to get away from the same ol’, same ol’ that we neglect to see all of the cool things right outside our very own door. The City of Tavares has done a great job of turning a once very bland downtown into a very interesting place…like the splash park.

Today they are preparing to open the Splash Park back up and the city workers are making sure that everything is working perfectly. Check out the guy sitting on top of the seaplane. Looks like fun, huh?

and speaking of sea planes…

we really are America’s Seaplane City

they take off and land all day long…

and the Prop Shop has all kinds of souvenirs and cold drinks.

plus it’s a pretty cool Florida Cracker style of architecture

The City of Tavares Water Taxis are really cool too

and since the City hosts the Antique Classic Boat Festival there are always lots of these amazing boats. Makes me think of On Golden Pond…I loved that movie…always a Katharine Hepburn fan…

this is what Florida in the Spring is all about…

Huge mossy oak trees and azalea bushes surrounds the Wooten Wonderland Playground.

and who can pass this up…


and this is how we do it down it the L.C. {Lake County} I just like saying the “L.C.” maybe they will make a TV show about it, lol.

That is Al’s Landing in the background. It’s a great place for good food and drinks and live music.

and my other favorite place is the Lucky Dog Gallery & Cafe, which has the best pizza and Pollo Asado in town and they host many local indie artist events. It is next door to my building {see the balcony? I have 7 apartments up there. Don’t you want to stay?}

and then Ruby Street Grille is a great place to get a gigantic burrito and a drink while your supposed to be working. OOPS! Did I just put that in print? Its a good thing I’m the boss, lol.

and since it is St. Patty’s Day I can’t go without mentioning the host of todays events… O’Keefe’s

and before you leave town you MUST stop by the Tavares Antique Mall and introduce yourself to the owner Lou and check out all the great stuff, including my very own booth located in the back room.

You might just catch a glimpse of me wandering about with the most photographed puppy in Tavares…yep, it’s Gypsy

or you might see me cruising down Main Street in my good ol’ Jeep, with the tunes blastin’ and the wind blowing through my hair.

Yeppers…that’s how we roll in the L.C. and {not so} big ol’ City of Tavares.

Happy St. Patty’s Day