Tavares on a Thursday Afternoon {St. Pattys Day}

I have decided to dedicate my Thursday posts to my current hometown…Tavares, FL. Sometimes we get so caught up in life and wanting to get away from the same ol’, same ol’ that we neglect to see all of the cool things right outside our very own door. The City of Tavares has done a great job of turning a once very bland downtown into a very interesting place…like the splash park.

Today they are preparing to open the Splash Park back up and the city workers are making sure that everything is working perfectly. Check out the guy sitting on top of the seaplane. Looks like fun, huh?

and speaking of sea planes…

we really are America’s Seaplane City

they take off and land all day long…

and the Prop Shop has all kinds of souvenirs and cold drinks.

plus it’s a pretty cool Florida Cracker style of architecture

The City of Tavares Water Taxis are really cool too

and since the City hosts the Antique Classic Boat Festival there are always lots of these amazing boats. Makes me think of On Golden Pond…I loved that movie…always a Katharine Hepburn fan…

this is what Florida in the Spring is all about…

Huge mossy oak trees and azalea bushes surrounds the Wooten Wonderland Playground.

and who can pass this up…


and this is how we do it down it the L.C. {Lake County} I just like saying the “L.C.” maybe they will make a TV show about it, lol.

That is Al’s Landing in the background. It’s a great place for good food and drinks and live music.

and my other favorite place is the Lucky Dog Gallery & Cafe, which has the best pizza and Pollo Asado in town and they host many local indie artist events. It is next door to my building {see the balcony? I have 7 apartments up there. Don’t you want to stay?}

and then Ruby Street Grille is a great place to get a gigantic burrito and a drink while your supposed to be working. OOPS! Did I just put that in print? Its a good thing I’m the boss, lol.

and since it is St. Patty’s Day I can’t go without mentioning the host of todays events… O’Keefe’s

and before you leave town you MUST stop by the Tavares Antique Mall and introduce yourself to the owner Lou and check out all the great stuff, including my very own booth located in the back room.

You might just catch a glimpse of me wandering about with the most photographed puppy in Tavares…yep, it’s Gypsy

or you might see me cruising down Main Street in my good ol’ Jeep, with the tunes blastin’ and the wind blowing through my hair.

Yeppers…that’s how we roll in the L.C. and {not so} big ol’ City of Tavares.

Happy St. Patty’s Day



Texas {Music} Tuesday – Hayes Carll & Josh Abbott

Some of you that are new to my blog might be wondering what music has to do with junkin’ & antiquing, so let me school ya on the way I see things. Music, fashion and interior design all go hand in hand for me. It is truly a lifestyle. There is very little, if any separation between these three elements. Music is a soul thing for me. It feeds my soul and makes me feel certain ways. It has always played a huge part in my life and so has fashion and interior design. A good song is like putting on your favorite pair of boots and comfy jeans; its comforting to the soul. As for Texas Country Music…well its more Americana than anything else. It is roots music that is more genuine than anything that could ever come out of the Nashville Music Machine. Just check it out for yourself….

This weeks Texas Country artist is Hayes Carll. He just released his latest album KMAG YOYO and I opted to download the whole thing which is a rarity for me, but Carll has never let me down, so I took a chance and I feel like I scored big for $9.99. Here is my favorite song of the album.

I am also very excited to get out of town this weekend and see one of my fave TX Country Bands….Josh Abbott Band will be playing in Atlanta and I will be road trippin’ northbound 6 hours to see them. Their song Road Trippin’ seems mighty appropriate for this weeks Texas Tuesdays.

MoRe SpAce for mORe SuPer Cool LooT!

I have expanded my booth at The Tavares Antique Mall to accommodate the ever expanding amount of loot that I score. I brought in more goodies today and did some rearranging,  which is a never ending process for me.

My style is so eclectic that my multiple {design} personalities start to fight with each other. Most of the time they work together but last week they were definitely at odds with each other and nothing turned out the way I wanted.

My junkin personality won out today when I was able to score all kinds of off beat, quirky and slightly unusual things. I typically don’t look for the precious antiques, as I prefer oddities and things that you have to ask what they are. I like mantiques and vintiques a little more than Fenton and Louis Comfort Tiffany. Anyhoo…here is the lowdown on today’s LOOT!

A Super Funky Vintage Box and you ask what for?!?

What else but your Wig…duh!!!!

I love this Vodka Decanter/ Dispenser. It would be fun in a Cowboy -Wild West theme bar.

and everyone needs a light like this one for their bar

and a lamp for their Jetsons House

Tom Torrens Lamp

Decanter with music box that play "How Dry Am I" and this one is pretty dry...

Vintage Sign for Mint Shnapps

Cig. Roller

Good ol' junk Cabinet

full of…well what else…good junk, including these Destash Jars

Green & Yellow Destash Jars

okay… some of you might not get the destash jars, so let me try to explain…to destash is to get rid of all that stuff in your junk drawers. So a destash jar is…you guessed it… junk in a jar, lol. More specifically… color coordinated, silly junk in a jar. It makes a really cool and visually stimulating conversation piece. I used to make them all the time with buttons and jewelry findings, but I love the quirky junk that you find in these.

Anyhoo…gotta run…Have a great week!

Mine is off to a good start, yay!


New Loot!

I have lots of new loot…here is a snippet whats new…


Custom Painted OOAK shutters $200

Vintage Trunk $225


Also, I changed the High Falootin’ booth @ the Tavares Antique Mall last Sunday…

French Market Style – Rustic Romance

High meets Low

I love contrast and mixing refined antiques with rustic pieces. It makes the stuffy pieces more inviting and the rustic junk stands out more when juxtaposed with the fancy stuff.

High Falootin’ Junk Booth

I will be posting more pics tomorrow when I have the chandeliers hung. I will be bringing in three big pieces of furniture this week so keep an eye out for more new stuff.

Hope y’all have a great day.


Find Of The Week & Progress Updates

I found this really great distressed church pew and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it. I didn’t measure it, but somehow I knew that it would fit and it just barely did.  It was meant to be mine. Thank goodness, because I didn’t have anywhere else to put it. Now I have to relocate the prints that are above it. The one thing about being an antiques dealer is that your house decor is constantly rotating to different places every time you bring something else home, lol. I think I am going to do some very un-churchy  wall decor above it. Maybe an old honky-tonk concert poster or a saloon sign to show some contrast.

Look how perfectly distressed it is! I like having odd conversation pieces in my house and when my 18 year old son asked “is that a church pew”? I knew that I had hit the nail on the head with this one.


as for the progress on this weeks to do list…

well I got everything sanded, but no painting occurred thanks to the rainy weather. Maybe the weekend will be a productive one.

Y’all have a good one.


Thursday’s Trippin’ For Treasures {Lou’s Treasure Hunt in DFW}

I have a friend that is heading to the Dallas-Fort Worth area this weekend and I am green with envy. I wanted to pack myself in her suitcase, but she informed me yesterday that she had already packed and therefore I would have to remove all of her boots in order to fit myself in there and that just wouldn’t be right…leaving her without any boots to wear while in DFW.

Anyhoo…When I hear that someone I know is going to any of my favorite places they inevitably end up with a list of things I need from those places. So…I have constructed a scavenger/treasure hunt for Lou.


  • Curiosities- find some cool funky junk- you know my style
  • Uncommon Market- take pics… if they let you
  • Neiman Marcus Flagship Store- Take a pic of the outside. I’m too broke to ask for anything from inside, lol.
  • The Gypsy Wagon- Texas Necklace or anything else TX under $20
  • University Co-op – cowboy boot scarf

    Pic Courtesy of University Co-Op

Fort Worth

  • You gotta stop by Billy Bobs and see Robert Earl Keen on the 12th and pick up a Texas Flag for me.
  • Stop by Mavericks Western Wear and say hi to Kyle. He’s a cutie!
  • Go by 95.9 The Ranch – Say hey to Justin and see if you can win this t-shirt for me.

  • The White Elephant – Get a shot and get a shot glass.
  • The Cadillac – take a pic of all the cowboy hats {and whats under them} – Yummy!
  • Cowboy Church in the Stockyards- You don’t have to actually go to church, but get a pic of all the cowboys dressed up in their Sunday “goin’ to church” boots.
  • DHW – Architectural Salvage- take a pic of the coolest thing you find
  • The Old Home Supply House- this is a really cool place- enjoy!
  • Stop by Bess & Evie’s Vintage and score some amazing perfectly beat up cowboy boots {for yourself… cause I’m broke now and your exhausted from running around for me, so you deserve them, lol}.

I hope you didn’t have anything that you wanted to accomplish while in DFW…if so…next time let me hide in your suitcase, lol.

Texas Tuesdays {ALL Things Texas}

Due to my crazy, hectic life I have decided to combine my other blog “Will Work For Boots” and this blog,  I hated to give up the popular topics that were on the other blog, so those topics will have a new home on this blog. On “Will Work For Boots” I did Texas Music Tuesdays, where I featured a different Texas Music artist each week. I will talk more about the Texas Music Scene a little later on, but for now I will just say that if you haven’t heard it, your missing out.  Anyway…since I’m combining the blogs I figured that I would expand the Texas Tuesday theme and talk about all thing’s from the Big O’ state of TEXAS including…



Just to prove that Texas IS the style center of the universe, OPI has come out with a new line of Texas inspired nail polish colors. I need ALL of them, but I only ordered Don’t Mess With Texas and Austin-tatious Turquoise. Won’t they look amazing with my Gypsy Soule Flip Flops?

Pic Courtesy of Just Nice Things
Pic Courtesy of Just Nice Things
Pic Courtesy of Just Nice Things

and Western Decor…at it’s finest

like this chair

Steel Strike Leather

and the Marburger/Round Top Antiques Week


Pic Courtesy of Amy Boland

This is just a preview of what to expect from Texas Tuesdays.

Now y’all come back ya hear?


This Weeks To-Do List

So it might seem strange to post your “to-do” list up on a blog, but I seem to have issues with completing these lists and need to have a sense of accountability toward completing them. Maybe if I post them for the world to see, I will feel more obligated to try harder and y’all will get a glimpse of my projects that are in the works…

  • Finish painting this China Cabinet

  • Start sanding and painting this dresser set.

  • start sanding and painting this 3 corner cabinet

  • finish these chairs

  • Prepare for this weeks booth install

These are the main items for this week along with 100 other minor things that need to happen.

Wish me luck…


Find Of The Week

Hey y’all

this weeks “find of the week” is fresh off the press and straight from the pages of Etsy

I LOVE these hand cut signs made by Etsy seller Slippin’ Southern.

momma tried…yes ma’am, she did…


I was born a ramblin (wo)man…

He has many more cute signs on his Esty page. I would love to have these hangin’ in my booth. Maybe I will order a couple…

Y’all have a funky Friday…