Oh blogger/designer/crafter superwoman…how do you do it all???

How do all of you blogger/designer/crafter super women do ALL that you do? When do you find the time to do all of your miraculous designs and then have the time to write witty little blogs about it? How do you home school your 3.5 children, all while running a ranch and being a super wife at the same time. You write cookbooks and host parties. You comment on 50 other blogs just like yours every day. You do craft shows and indie fairs. You capture amazing professional photos of everything you do. Do you live in a super world with more hours in it than mine? I’m just saying…Do you have a behind the scene assistant that keeps you on schedule?  And do you have Super Man that can keep up with you? I mean really?  You ladies have it together and I am glad you share all that you do and give us scatterbrained, unorganized, not getting through our “to do” list women something to strive toward.

Here are some links to the Super Blogger Women that I follow…

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Pure and Lovely

The Pioneer Women

Margo’s Junkin Journal

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Miss Mustard Seed

Enjoy and be High Falootin’ today!


Were Moving In {To The Tavares Antique Mall}

We have a major announcement

We will be moving into the Tavares Antique Mall beginning on Jan 18th and will be ready for the Art Around Town Event Jan. 21st @ 5:30. This is a great event and we are very excited to be showing off our booth for the first time at this event.

Come out and see our booth and  join us for a really fun event.


Original Paintings for a Country Cottage {OOAK Loot!}

These are original One Of A Kind Paintings Signed YAZ. I did not know the artist personally, but I do know her husband and son. She passed away a couple years ago and left the family with over 300 paintings. I fell in love with her work. It is so peaceful and calming. This is your chance to own original paintings for a very reasonable price.


Country Kitchen Still Life $45

Country Barn $39

Harvest Time

Harvest Time $45

Clay Roads & Rusted Barns $45

Gypsyfied Finds {yes it’s a word…at least in my vocab}

I finished a few more of my smaller pieces yesterday…just in time to get MORE good junk to refinish. I picked up some great stuff last night and tomorrow should bring more good loot my way.


Not Too Shabby Bench $29

"Dont Forget to be Shabby" Memo Board $19

My Little Alamo Curio Cabinet $29

Detail of My Little Alamo

Turquesa Grande Memo Board $49

Detail of Turquesa Grande Memo Board

Oodles of Skittle Candle Holders $9-12 each

Thanks for checkin out my loot. There is more to come tomorrow.

Black and Burlap Chair and Stool

In case you didn’t know, I love burlap.  I use it on everything because it goes with almost everything. Here is a cute little chair and stool that has been painted black, distressed and topped with my fave material…you guessed it…Burlap!


Black and Burlap Beauty

"Prop your feet up and stay a spell" stool

NeW LooT! Vintage Wagon Wheel Lamps{update:SOLD}

New Loot!!!

VeRy RaRe Vintage Wagon Wheel Lamps

by Bradley Manufacturing Co of Bandera, Texas

These are perfect for your little Buckaroo’s room. He will dream in Wild West Technicolor with these Vintage Wagon Wheel Lamps. These are very rare and in very good condition.

They create a really cool glow through the painted shades.

They are oak with aluminum trim around the wagon wheels.

I have them on my Etsy page for $125 each, but if you contact me through this blog I will give you 25% off, which is an amazing price because if you Google search for Vintage Wagon Wheel Lamps by Bradley Manufacturing Co you will see that just the lamps WITHOUT the shades {which are the most rare feature} are $225…just saying