I Love To Move!!!

Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but I do. I love moving. I really enjoy being in new environments and having new visual stimulation. Maybe I should give you a little background info so that you don’t think of me as a complete maniac. My degree is in city planning and historic preservation. I worked as a county planner for a couple of years before I went running and screaming out of my not-so-creative cubicle and returned to the trade show world.  Anyway, I love downtown environments no matter how big or small and now I live in Mount Dora which is the cutest little downtown in all of Central Florida.

Pic Courtesy of City Data

This was our old house in Howey- In- The-Hills. It is a typical 1950s Florida Ranch in a VERY quiet town. The closest grocery store is 12 minutes away. Now I know that sounds lovely to some of you, but I grew up on a farm in the middle of Podunk and it took 10 minutes to get to a major road and a half an hour to a town with a grocery store. Needless to say, when I turned 18, I moved to the big city of Orlando and fell in love with downtown living, but as I entered my 30s I returned to my roots and endured rural living. Until now that is…now I am officially a Downtown Dweller.

I did give up some luxuries to live downtown…like 4000 sq feet, a pool and a nice half acre lot in Howey- In- The Hills, but those luxuries were becoming a thorn in my side. Who has time to clean all of that? Especially when you can be doing other things like having a martini after work at the Goblin Market or watching a movie in the park or stopping by PizzAmore for a glass of wine on my walk home.

This is our new place. It is only 3 blocks from our store, so I can walk to work. Which is exactly what I did this morning and this is my new view…Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I was literally taking these pics with my iphone as I was walking to work.

This cute little book store is next door to me.

This cute little Craftsman Bungalow is directly across from me. It’s for sale! Don’t you want to be my neighbor? OMG! I just had a Rollins Alumni moment. Mister Rogers was a fellow Rollins Grad and if you did not “get” that…then you are way to young, lol. Ask your mom about Mister Rogers or better yet look him up on You Tube.

Anyhoo…back to the walking tour…

I love old wooden churches. They just don’t make them this way anymore.

Gypsy found a HUGE fire hydrant. She is loving downtown life. So many new smells. LOL

This is the super cute Maison En Ville Bed & Breakfast.

PizzAmore is totally going to be my after work spot.

Donnelly Park

This amazing Queen Anne is Donnelly House, which is the home of the Masonic Lodge.

There are so many styles of architecture in the downtown area. I can’t wait to dig into the history of each building. (as if I have time to do things like that)

5th & Donnelly Street at 9:30 AM. It is so calm at this time and all of the shop keepers are preparing for the busy day ahead.

This is the front of the building that houses High Falootin’ Junk.

So after my brisk morning walk, I have finally arrived at my store.

Are you ready to move to Downtown Mount Dora? It is absolutely charming and I have very high standards when it comes to neighborhoods. That is why they call me High Falootin’.

Check back on Monday for more Mount Dora info. I will be featuring different businesses and events every Monday. I’m thinking of calling it something extremely original like Mount Dora Mondays or Monday in Mount Dora….I’m soooo creative with blog titles…NOT!