Oh blogger/designer/crafter superwoman…how do you do it all???

How do all of you blogger/designer/crafter super women do ALL that you do? When do you find the time to do all of your miraculous designs and then have the time to write witty little blogs about it? How do you home school your 3.5 children, all while running a ranch and being a super wife at the same time. You write cookbooks and host parties. You comment on 50 other blogs just like yours every day. You do craft shows and indie fairs. You capture amazing professional photos of everything you do. Do you live in a super world with more hours in it than mine? I’m just saying…Do you have a behind the scene assistant that keeps you on schedule?  And do you have Super Man that can keep up with you? I mean really?  You ladies have it together and I am glad you share all that you do and give us scatterbrained, unorganized, not getting through our “to do” list women something to strive toward.

Here are some links to the Super Blogger Women that I follow…

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Enjoy and be High Falootin’ today!