My office/workroom is almost finished!

I live in a state of chaos and un-organization. I have been told that most creative people are this way and from time to time I actually get my Sh!t together and try to become organized in my own crazy way. My office had become a dumping ground for my junkin’ finds of the day, but once they were dumped they were infinitely lost. I was starting to believe that my boyfriend was correct…I was doomed to become a the next star of Hoarders. I had to do something about it, cause if the camera crews are on the way, then at least I can get my 15 min of fame in true High Falootin’ Junk(in) style.

It still isn’t complete, but its a good start. Keep in mind that my walls are freshly redone plaster, which in my opinion is a designers worst nightmare. The walls of my previous house looked like Swiss cheese when I moved, so having all white plaster walls is making me insane…but anyhoo…

The only thing that I had to purchase was the storage boxes and GORM Shelves from IKEA and I like these because you can add on to them as you need. Of course I had to put my signature turquoise wash on them.

The desk and memo board are my own High Falootin’ ReDesigns. As for the wall accents, if you look closely you will see all of the horseshoes…well I acquired an entire horseshoe bathroom collection and I didn’t need them in the bathroom, so I repurposed them as magazine and yarn holders. Also, you will see a cowboy hat and boot hook that my friend Ellen gave me and I use them to hang my paint swatches and scissors from. I also had a rusty horseshoe that holds my unopened mail (I’m hoping the lucky horseshoe notion will turn the bills into checks). Another cool flea market find is the wooden buggy leaf spring that I mounted on the wall and repurposed as at hat and jewelry rack.

On the opposite wall is my vintage sewing machine and custom {turquoise} painted table. There are more horseshoes holding more visual stimulation {yes…I’m a magazine hoarder}. The memo board is also from IKEA and it holds all of my fabric swatches and storyboards for future projects. The super funky floor lamp awaits just the right shade and holds all of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

I still have a lot to do in order to complete this room and my boyfriend is sick of turquoise, so therefore I must paint more {turquoise} in order to boyfriend proof it, lol.


Girls Rooms {Digital Design Board}

I have two girls rooms to design. FUN! I am always torn on how much the girls should play a part in the design process. While I want their personalities to show through in their rooms, I don’t really trust their design choices enough to give them complete control over each and every fabric and color choice. Kids typically haven’t developed an eye for pattern, color and texture mixtures. {think about the average 5-10 year olds choice of clothes and well…some adults for that matter} Now imagine taking a child to a fabric store and saying “pick out what you like” Yeah Right!!! I prefer to have them give me themes or style concepts and then I will go from there. One of the girls really likes polka dots and the other likes Peace and Tie Dye. Easy enough you say?!? Obviously the textile designers got the memo from every other tween in the world that likes these exact things. I’m am currently in Polka Dot and Peace Sign limbo {more like Dante’s Inferno} waiting for my visual overload and ADD brain to process them all. I literally called my better half for help while sitting in the floor of the fabric store with 20 different bolts of polka dots and peace sign options. I know this sounds absurd but there was only 2 more hours of $1 off per yard plus 20% off total purchase and 50% off pillow fillers. This was some serious once a year savings…I needed backup.

Here are all the fabric options I found for the 9 year olds room…

Okay, I digressed from the dots but the cats were too cute!

I planned on going with a combo of Dots, Stripes and Flowers…I just couldn’t deiced which ones…By this point I was leaving the circle of limbo and spiraling quickly through circles 2-4…lust, gluttony and greed. I love this one…I’ll get two more yards of that one and well…give me the whole bolt of each of them before anyone else gets them…hehehe {evil laugh} but wait there are more patterns with in the same color palette…HELP!

So the older girls room was an easy find. At first I was going to do the typical black background with multicolor peace signs, but I was already tired looking at it in the store, so I knew that it would be too trendy of a style. These two fabrics will hopefully have a more extended style life. I will use these for the bed skirt and the pillows. I need to find one more pattern to bring it all together, since I like to use three patters for contrast. The comforter will be a solid color. It is so much easier to change up the bed skirt and pillow fabrics when she is ready for a change instead of changing the whole comforter set.


The butterfly chair from Justice was her source of inspiration.

The canopy bed that I have to work with. I will be using two different color nettings with sparkle threads throughout them to add some glitz.

I also have two desks and one dresser to repaint, distress, and glaze to complete the rooms.

More pics soon



Pics of the homestead {finally found my good camera}

So I finally found my good camera that was lost in the move. The iPhone just wasn’t cutting it so I am very happy that I found my good one. Here are some new pics from around the house.

I always ask the bartender for the bottle if I finish it off.

My grandfathers tricky horseshoe game.

The family Cattle Brand

The Mantle

I have White Wall Syndrome. All of my walls are freshly redone plaster…a decorators worst nightmare. I love rich colors so every room just seems like its missing something…and that would be COLOR.

It’s funny how I am never satisfied with the way this house looks in pictures.

The tree is still not finished but I might never be “finished”

This is the view from the foyer. I used the crocks that were used by my great grandparents. I have seen these at antiques stores for over $100. Crazy considering that my family had pretty much thrown them out.

My $50 Craigslist find.

When it comes to furniture, it’s always the little details that emotionally move me. Without this wood carving and this drawer pull this piece wouldn’t have even turned my head.

The OK Corral – Tombstone Painting is one of my favorite funky finds. The men and horses are 3D. It’s the coolest dang thang ever.

Well that’s all for now…good luck junkin’