What is High Falootin’ Junk?

Well, I suppose it is more than a just a store and a design style.  It is a lifestyle. It is enjoying older things that have good bones, but need a little makeover. It’s finding really good junk from years gone by and giving it a new life. It’s discovering cool vintage toys from a time when kids played Cowboys and Indians, not computers. It’s wearing your favorite broken in jeans with cowboy boots and crazy, funky jewelry.

Our design style is very eclectic, but can be described as Gypsy Cowgirl, Rustic Chic, French Market, Industrial Farm, Western Luxe, Vintage Cowboy, Modern Shabby Chic and Urban Farmhouse just to name a few.

Our products include painted furniture, antiques and vintiques, as well as new decor items. We procure cool junk from days gone by and give it a new life. We also have a well edited selection of  jewelry, accessories and apparel fit for any gypsy cowgirl.

About the Name High Falootin’ Junk

I’ve been called High Falutin’ more than a couple times in my life. My family used to joke that I was switched at birth and really belonged to a millionaire.  My grandfather used to call all of  the “fancy” things that I liked High Falutin’ Junk, so it seemed very appropriate to name my business that. I wanted to change the spelling to reflect the broad spectrum of goods that the store provides, which is fashion, furniture and funky gifts both new and vintage…The whole LOOT of goods!

I hope you like the blog and the store.  Enjoy and good luck junkin’.


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